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Audio cassette tapes, vinyl records, 8-Track, Reel to reel formats to CD or Digital

Why are CDs so much better than audio cassette tapes? In this short segment by the History Channel, we find out why they are, along with some other stuff you probably didn't know.

Audio Restoration servies

Image above: (Left channel dropping in-and-out)

Image above: (Left channel repaired, full

Before & After

Free Basic Audio Restoration & Enhancement with all Audio Transfers to CD or Mp3!

Transfer audio cassette tapes, vinyl records, reel-to-reel tapes,  microcassette, minicassette, 8-Track, DAT, ADAT, Minidisc, and various other types audio formats to CD or Digital Mp3!


Most equipment used to play older audio is no longer available, and can be difficult to replace or very expensive to repair. As the years pass, much of this audio degrades, and will loose much of its original sound quality. Don't put your memories at risk, and forever preserve them to CD or digital for the future!

  • All audio is captured uncompressed in 32bit, high fidelity WAV format, and can be converted to digital Mp3 format (the universal format for all media players on computers, phones, and tablets).

  • All audio is digitally restored and enhanced to remove hiss, cracks, pops, volume discrepancies, any other problems associated with older audio.

  • Separate audio tracks will be created on CD to separate each song or pause.

  • Backup all your music CDs to a USB flash drive or external hard drive for easy upload to iPods, smart phones, or digital devices, or Mp3 players.

  • Multiple audio formats can be combined together to create a single CD (up to 90 mins)

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