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Transfer 8mm Film, Super 8mm Film, and 16mm Film to Digital or DVD!


Convert your 8mm films, super 8mm films, and 16mm films to DVD or digital video (AVI, MP4) on USB thumb drive, and external hard drives!  Newer equipment used to watch 8mm and 16mm can be very expensive to buy, and as time passes, your films become more brittle, degrade, and are more susceptible to attack by mold and fungus that can destroy your memories forever!  Protect these memories, and have the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your films will forever be preserved and ready to watch anytime you want!


  • All films are cleaned and repaired prior to conversion.

  • All 8mm films are converted to digital using the latest in frame-by-frame capture technology.

  • All films are edited to remove damaged or blank areas of your films, and are digital restored for color, lighting, and exposure.

  • Archive your films to USB flash drive, external hard drive, or ftp cloud drives in the digital format of your choice (AVI, MPEG2, MP4),  and add the ability edit or share your memories on PC & MAC computers, or your digital devices!

  • DVD transfers include a custom titled DVD jacket with pictures, DVD label, and interactive chapter menu for easy DVD navigation.

  • Up to 2000ft of film (2hrs+) can be combined onto the same DVD.

  • Background music of your choice can be added to any silent 8mm film & 16mm film transfer.

A short video showing what our advanced color restoration process accomplishes with our 8mm and 16mm film conversions.

Film diameter sizes and information
Regular 8mm Film
Super 8mm Film
Silent 16mm Film
Sound 16mm Film
8mm film vs 16mm films sizes
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