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Prevent Lost Memories

Mold growth on 8mm films, 16mm films, and video tapes occurs to improperly stored items, especially those in hot and humid climates, or in damp locations such as basements, attics, or in garages. Even though some mold can be cleaned off 8mm & 16mm films, mold damage to video tapes can be permanent, and can damage those memories forever.

VHS Mold
VHS Tape with Mold
8mm Film with Mold

Obsolete Equipment

Older equipment used to watch your films and videos are no longer made, and can be very costly to repair or replace. Replacement bulbs for most projectors can cost up to $60 each, and most tape players are no longer made, and sell for premium online. Depending on the format, a restored working player can easily sell for hundreds, if not for thousands of dollars!

16mm Film Projector
16mm Projector Bulb
8mm Projector Bulb
8mm Film Projector
Memories to DVD

Time is the Enemy

Unfortunately, no matter what format your memories are saved on, ALL formats will eventually degrade. However, 8mm films and 16mm films are the most susceptible to a type of degradation called "vinegar syndrome", in which the films will begin to expel an odor similar to a strong vinegar type smell, and will begin to rot. Once the films begin to go through this process, it can be extremely difficult, or almost impossible to recover these films ever again! 

8mm Film with Vinegar Syndrome
16mm Film with Vinegar Syndrome

If you intend on preserving your films for the future, please make sure to keep them in a clean, cool environment.

Find your Favorite Moments Quickly

Eliminate the need to manually fast forward or rewind through your video tapes to find your favorite scene. Using the DVD chapter menu and scene selection, you can skip through your video to particular scene in seconds, or browse from one film to the next. 

DVD's Last a Lifetime

Almost all formats deteriorate after each use, and will continue to deteriorate after many years, even if you don’t watch them. The average life expectancy of a typical video tape is between 15-25 years, even when kept in the best conditions.  DVD’s and CD's are digital and don’t deteriorate no matter how many times you play it. With proper care, can last a lifetime!


Gold discs ARE NOT superior!

Gold discs have mediocre reflectivity standards, and the dye quality on these type of blank discs sometimes creates problems with burning or replaying the discs. Don't pay more for a gimmick.

Superior Video Quality

DVD players, Blu-Ray players, and large screen High Definition TVs are in the majority of homes today, and are all capable of providing users with video resolution that is up to 8x higher in resolution than VHS tapes! DVD's are capable of showing up to 480 lines of horizontal resolution while VHS & Beta are limited to 240. If using a Blu-Ray player to upscale and play your DVDs, the resolution automatically jumps up to the HD quality standard of 1,080 lines of resolution!

DVD vs VHS resolution
dvd and HD resolution differences
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