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Vinyl LP Record to CD or Mp3 (78rpm, 45rpm, 33rpm)
Transfer a single vinly LP record of your choice to CD or Mp3!  We can convert from any speed vinyl record (78rpm, 45rpm, 33rpm) to CD or digital, and includes complete restoration and enhancement to remove hum, clicks, pops, and hiss from playback. Tracks are generated for each individual song or break. Have the artwork from your favorite LP record printed on your CDs! Choose from basic labeling of your CD's, or go with our Premium label choice to have the artwork of the album used as the CD label.Convert your audio to Mp3 files, and share them online with family and friends, or digitally preserve them for the future by transferring them to USB flash drive, external drive, or ftp cloud drive.

Vinyl LP Record to CD or Mp3 (78rpm, 45rpm, 33rpm)


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