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Digitize 126 Film Negatives to Digital (JPEG) to USB Flash Drive

Convert 126 Film negatives & Slides to the digital file of your choice. Choose from converting your 35mm negatives to JPEG, TIFF, or PDF files on CD or DVD data disc, or on USB flash drive! (Minimum 25 negatives)


Basic Level 1 - No Restoration

35mm slides scanned at 2500dpi with no cropping or any type of restoration applied. Great for those who want to do their own enhancements and editing.


Advanced Level 2 - Crop & Color Restoration

35mm slides scanned at 2500dpi resolution. The images will be cropped, and full color restoration will be applied.


Premium Level 3 - Crop, Color Restoration, Scratch Removal, Dust Removal

35mm slides scanned at 4000dpi resolution. Images willl be cropped, full color restoration, and dust removal will be applied to all the scanned images.


The resolution of our scans enables you zoom in very close into a photo, and print pictures up to 20x30 inches or larger!

126 Film Negatives & Slides Scanned to Digital


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