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All video and film transfers come complete with a fully personalized DVD jacket, DVD Label, and full labeling front and back of what was transferred onto that DVD. All DVDs can be played in any DVD player, Blu-Ray player, PC, and MAC computer. We can create custom labels, uniquely designed DVD covers, and can add any personal photos you wish to use on the cover to truly make your DVD memory special.

               Transfer 8mm film, super 8mm film, and 16mm films to DVD!  Newer equipment used to watch 8mm and 16mm can be very expensive to buy, and as time passes, your films become more brittle, degrade, and are more susceptible to attack by mold and fungus that can destroy your memories forever!  Protect those memories, and add the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your films will forever be preserved and ready to watch anytime you want to on DVD!  We clean and repair all 8mm & 16mm films prior to transfer, and transfer to digital using our state of the art frame by frame transfer process. We edit out blank and damaged areas of your film, restore color, and correct exposure in areas where the video might have been shot at night or in dark places. If you would like to make your DVD even more unique and enjoyable to watch, we can add custom background music, and can use songs, artists, or the style of music that you prefer, and we'll compile it for you on your DVD. You will receive a DVD with chapter menus for easy browsing of one film to the next, a personalized DVD label, and DVD case cover displaying the titles and order of your films. As an option, we can transfer your films to DVD data disc, thumb drive, or external hard drive for those who would like to edit and create their own videos from your transferred films.

8mm Projector 2.jpg8mm Film Reels.jpg

Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, & 16mm Film Reels

50 ft reel (3" inch) dia$10.00
100 ft reel (4" inch) $20.00
200 ft reel (5" inch)$40.00
300 ft reel (6" inch)$60.00
400 ft reel (7" inch)$80.00


Add Music To Silent 8mm Film or 16mm Film Transfers  

Basic Music

Custom Music (Per DVD)



Transfer a VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Betamax,  Digital8, Hi8, Mini-DV, Betacam, and all other camcorder video tapes to DVD!  At AZ Digital Transfers, we care about the way we convert your memories, and do not auto run your video tapes through unreliable dual video/burner players that create DVDs that won't work. We take the time to upload each one of your videos to our computer systems to full definition AVI, and automatically edit out blank spots, blue screens, or dead air before we transfer to them DVD, so you get nothing but the main video on disc.  Since we are able to edit any video you bring us, you can request to edit out, add, and even move around certain parts your video around before we transfer them to DVD.  If your video's are dated and labeled, we will even sort and combine your videos together onto single DVDs to save on excess DVDs made. For those who want to edit and create their own videos or DVDs, we can transfer all your videos to AVI DVD data disc or external hard drives for editing in any video editing program in any digital format you choose. As with all our DVD transfers, your DVD will have a chapter menu for easy browsing of the video, personalized DVD label, and DVD case cover displaying the titles and descriptions of what is on the DVD.



Per Tape
Per Tape
Video-8 / Digital-8 / Hi8 / MiniDV 
Per Tape
Mini DVD 
Per DVD$15.99
PAL / NTSC Conversions
Per Tape / DVD
Betacam SP
Per Tape $22.99
Single DVD Copies



Transfer 35mm slides, negatives, and various sized photos to JPEG, TIFF, PDF or DVD slide show!  Many of you have hundreds, if not thousands of slides and pictures just sitting in carousel trays or in a shoebox somewhere. As the years pass, those photos will eventually fade, loose color, and deteriorate, putting you at risk from loosing those memories forever!  Make sure this doesn't happen to you, and have a permanent way of archiving all your photos by converting to digital. All 35mm slides, negatives, and photos are scanned at high resolution dpi, and are cropped, removed of dust, scratches, and restored in color. You will receive a JPEG DVD data disc with all your photos that can be used for printing, sharing in emails, or in creating your own video slide shows from.

Want a fun and easy way to watch and share your memories with your whole family? We can create a custom DVD video slide show with your photos, where you can choose the order of your photos, add custom background music, tittles, graphics, and is a great way to share your photo memories with family and friends. This is an optional service, and has to be requested at the time of your order. For more information about our slide shows, please call us or click here.



35mm Slides  
Per Slide$0.26
35mm Roll Negatives
Per Negative
Per Photo
Oversized Prints (11x14 or larger)
Per Photo $2.99


Add Music to DVD Slide Shows  

You Can Choose The Music! (Per 2 hr DVD)




 We also transfer to DVD formats that were not commonly used, or are difficult to find players for. In our effort to cover all video formats, no matter how unique they are, we are always updating our compatibility list of formats that we transfer. If you do not see it now, we will have it eventually.


Laser Discs 
Per Disc $22.99
Backwards Transfer to Audio Cassette
Per Tape $24.99
PXL2000 Video  
Per Tape $22.99
Floppy Disks 
Per Diskette $9.99
Zip Disks  
Per Diskette $9.99


WebsiteTitles/AudioTransfers.JPGVinyl Collection.jpgAudio Cassettes.jpg
Transfer audio cassette tapes, vinyl LP records, reel-to-reel tapes,  microcassettes, 8-track, and various other audio formats to CD or Mp3!  Most equipment used to play older audio is no longer available, and can be very expensive to repair. As the years pass, much of this audio degrades, and will loose much of its original sound quality. At AZ Digital Transfers, we convert all audio to digital using a 32bit, high frequency transfer process, and digitally restore them to remove hiss, cracks, pops, or any other problems associated with older audio. We can also convert your audio to Mp3 format for Ipod or Mp3 players, and can even create a mass Mp3 archival data disc used to backup all your music to a single disc! Multiple audio formats can be combined together to create a single CD (up to 95mins), and tracks will be created to separate each pause or song.


Audio Cassette Tapes 
Per Tape
Per Tape
Digital Audio Tapes (D.A.T.) 
Per Tape$22.99
Per Disc$19.99
Vinyl Records LP / 16 / 33-1/3 / 45  / 78  
Per Record
Stereo 8 / 8-Track Tape
Per Tape $29.99
Reel to Reel Audio (Per Side)
3" inch Reel$12.99
4" inch Reel
5" inch Reel
6" inch Reel
7" inch Reel
Single CD Copies
Per CD


 We all make mistakes, and sometimes we tear, bend or damage a photo and wonder if there is anyway to save it. Maybe you have a very old photo that is losing its battle with time, and is starting to fade and lose color. Well, we have a solution, and we now offer complete restoration services for all photos, no matter the size, shape, age, or condition that it is in, and can reprint them for you at any size. All photos are different, so please call us for an accurate estimate.
Photo Restoration

Starting at $29.99

Click on our before and after pictures below
Before Restoration.jpg                       After Restoration.jpg



We can create and  produce a professionally edited video or slide show for any event!  We can create videos for family reunions, anniversaries, wedding's, birthday's, memorial's, retirements, video highlights, video resumes, advertising, business presentations, and for many other various applications. We work one on one with you to create your video, and can mix background music, edit and combine multiple videos or pictures together, design your labels and covers, or add extra video effects to your video like title breaks, transitions, credits, and special graphics to create your final DVD!

For more videos, check our samples page or our YoutubeLogo.jpg Channel.


Custom Videos

Starting at $49.99